December 4, 2022

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5 Jigs You’ve NEVER Seen Using the WORLD’s BEST Featherboard | Table Saw Jigs

2 min read

I’ll show you how to make 5 awesome jigs that will help you make safer, more accurate cuts on the table saw. I’ll also share some woodworking tips and tricks to help you work safer while making these jigs. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel.

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*Products In Video*
Use code 731BOW10 731MAGSWITCH10 and 731MICROJIG10 to save 10% on Bow, MicroJig and MagSwitch products at TayTools.
Large Bow Featherboard –
Small Bow Featherboard Single Pack –
Small Bow Featherboard Double Pack –
5/16" Jig Hardware Kits (knobs, etc.)
1/4" Jig Hardware Kit –
MagSwitch 2-Pack –
MagSwitch 2-Pack with Forstner Bit –
MatchFit Dovetail Clamps –
MatchFit Dovetail Bit –
MatchFit Hardware Kit –
CA Glue I Use –
T-Track –
Double Stick Tape –
1 5/8" Forstner Bit (for MagSwitch Holes)

Other Tools Used in this Video
Combination Square –
Small Tri-Square –
My Favorite Tape Measure EVER –
Tri-Pod for my iPhone –

Shirt I Was Wearing –

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0:00 Table Saw Tips and Tricks
0:20 Bow Featherboad
1:59 Woodworking Tip on Drilling Holes
3:06 Dovetail Routing Tips and Tricks
4:06 1st Table Saw Jig
5:36 2nd Table Saw Jig
6:50 Routing Slotted Holes Power Tip
9:16 Assembly and Use of Table Saw Jig 2
10:30 3rd Table Saw Jig
11:42 4th Table Saw Jig
13:48 5th Table Saw Jig
14:00 Routing Slots in Thin Boards
16:00 Coolest Table Saw Jig I’ve Ever Made
17:05 Assembly and Use of 5th Jig
17:50 Preventing Kickback on a Table Saw
18:09 Discounts on Products Used

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