September 26, 2022

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6 Ways You Never Thought Of Using Blue Painters Tape !

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Here are 6 different ways to use blue painters tape.. take your blue painters tape and wrap it around your object or curve, making sure its wraps around all the way exactly one time and you cut it to the perfect size. You can then take that piece of tape flatten it back out and measure that. Adding blue painters tape to your table saw insert will create a temporary zero clearance insert that will help the thin strips not fall into the abyss of your table saw. Laying a strip of blue painters tape in the location you are going to cut will tremendously reduce the amount of tear out you will get. Adding blue painters tape to the edges of your glue joint will help with the amount of clean up you have to do down the line. Using blue painters tape is a cool little trick to help with the awkward glue ups. Add a small piece of blue painter tape to the exact depth you need the hole you are about to drill to be. I like to find the middle of my blue painters tape and mark it with a pen or pencil. Then place the tape on top of the mounting holes for whatever thing you are going to hang and line up the holes up to the center line made earlier, punch a small hole right where the mounting holes are showing on the tape. You can finally just transfer the tape to the location where you want to mount your thing on the wall.

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