August 9, 2022

Woody Woodworking

and its tools

A whole lotta updates

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Second channel:

This is just a talky vlogy style videos.
I usually put videos like that on my second channel, but it appears not
everyone knows about my second channel, so I’m putting it on my main channel.

A guy stopped on road while I was mowing, didn’t know about second channel. So just in case you don’t know about my second channel – I have a second channel. I do have a second channel, in case you don’t know.
It’s called "matthias random stuff". Its Random stuff really. Kind of inspired by technology connections. New videos on that have been doing about as well as on my main channel, even though it’s only 110k subs vs 1.6 million subs. Of course, my main channel is way down from years ago.

Sometimes trivial videos like my fan balancing, or cleaning a paint brush, and sometimes those do well. I also like to play around with electronics, raspberry pi computers, do experiments and measure stuff, but those kinds of videos usually don’t do as well.

So going forward, I’ll put woodworking stuff on my main channel, and non-woodworking stuff on my random stuff channel.

Sponsored video: Ecoflow
Not thru an agency, which is nice! More flexibility, no dictated talking
points. Doesn’t feel like I’m interacting with a marketing department.
Not like skillshare, vpn, mattresses, razors, audible and the likes.

Have been making the website more mobile friendly. Been playing with ads on my website lately. But mostly the ads I get are for the 14000 plans teds woodworking scam. Or ads for some gadget that cuts your power bill by 90% if you plug it in. kind of discouraging.

But I don’t give google a lot of hints for things I might want, spread over multiple browsers, switched to Bing cause I don’t trust google’s results biases and data harvesting, and often search incognito. I have to say, google works better though, so I sometimes search again in google if I can’t find what I’m looking for.

What ads are you seeing?

Partnered with Jellysmack for my facebook page.
They take my videos from YouTube and edit them down a fair bit from the original, for casual viewing. I find I skip forward thru videos a lot. So short attention span, fast paced videos do have their place. Maybe we are all getting ticktockified

Veritassium video about clickbait. After that video I suddenly saw a whole lot more clickbaity titles in my subscription feed. Clickbait is an advantage, yes. But is it when everything is clikcbait? What about long term reputational harm?

Maybe there is just too much stuff out there to suck our attention, so we all have to get better at sucking people’s attention, everyone’s time is fully sucked up. It used to be that technology was a productivity tool but those days are long gone!

Feed the algorithm – the end goal of the algorithm is that you watch more. Subscribing or commenting matter a lot less. So if you want to support me, just watch more, or if you don’t feel like it, maybe leave a video running after this one on mute while you do something useful?

Woodworking News Source: Matthias Wandel

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