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Best Cordless Multitool Head-to-Head

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Oscillating Multitool Shootout

ToolBoxBuzz Article:

Performance Testing (Power/Speed) in Wood – Winner Milwaukee In this test, we used the jig to test each tool’s cutting speed through 3/4 plywood. Three runs were performed for each tool and their times were averaged. Milwaukee came in first place with an average of just 4.18 seconds per cut. Milwaukee claims to have the fastest cutting saw and from what we saw in testing, their tool delivers on that promise. The second and third-place finishers were Ryobi with a 6.11 average cut time and Dewalt with a 6.11 cut time. Both these tools cut through the material exceptionally well. The rest of the rankings can be found in the following chart. Winner of Metal Cutting – Milwaukee The fastest cutting tool was again the Milwaukee at 17.06 seconds, followed by the Ryobi at 26.61 seconds and the Dewalt in third at 28.68 seconds. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the bunch was the Ryobi, dethroning all but one tool in the performance rankings. As the lowest cost option of the group, the Ryobi boasts some serious cutting prowess. Best Features – Winner FLEX It’s never easy to compare tool features from different brands. The entire team used all of the tools in a variety of cutting configurations and tests to rate four separate features on these saws on a scale of one to five. [With 1 being the best] we looked at: 1. Blade Change 2. LED Light 3. Decoupling 4. Variable Speed The number one slot for features went to the newcomer, the FLEX Multitool with 8-points. FLEX had the best wraparound LED light coverage, excellent vibration decoupling and scored second in blade change and third in its variable speed adjustment. A close second place went to Milwaukee with 9-points. The Milwaukee has low cutting vibration, excellent LED, and variable speed with auto-setting. Third place was a three-way tie [10-points] with both FEIN tools and the Festool Multitool. These tools were extremely smooth cutting [low-vibe] and, along with the Bosch, sported the best style blade clamps and blade changing system. Ergonomics Winner – Fein 700 Our pro team members evaluated each tool under a simulated/real-world test setup. Materials cut included drywall, clapboard, plywood, pine trim, baseboard freehand, and a "splice" jig. We also used the tools to free-hand cut 16D common nails and drywall screws. In laymen’s terms, ergonomics is the interface between the user and the tool. How’s it feel when using it? For this ergonomic section, we considered the following factors, rating them 1 thru 5. [1 being best] • Grip • Vibration • Balance Regardless of how fast a multitool cuts, the less vibration it produces, the better. Some multitools employ some sort of decoupling system to reduce vibration. The FEIN 700 multitool scored tops in balance and came in at 2-points for vibration and balance. Second place was a tie between the FEIN 500 and the Festool – both scoring 2nd place in all three categories. Third place went to Milwaukee and was noted well balanced. Noise – Winner FEIN 500 OSHA allows 8 hours of exposure for up to 90 dB, for exposures 95dB and greater, the exposure limits drop dramatically. So clearly these saws all need hearing protection. We used a fixed Decibel Meter to measure these multi-tools in the following workshops tests and ranked them on that average score: 1. No-load 2. Metal cutting 3. Woodcutting The quietest saw was the FEIN 500 averaging at 106.5 decibels followed by the Metabo at 106.7 decibels and the FLEX at 106.8. Best Cordless Multitool Winner –Milwaukee The competition for the best cordless multitool went to Milwaukee M18 FUEL multitool, with 19-points. Milwaukee crushed its competitors in the controlled wood and metal testing rig. It scored well in the accuracy and features sections coming in 2nd place in both and taking third place in ergonomics. Second place went to the FLEX multitool, with 24-points, which surprised the team. The FLEX is a feature-rich tool and came in first in that section. Scoring second in accuracy and third in the decibel testing, the FLEX solidly secured its position as the second-best tool in the testing. It was also the fourth-fastest cutting tool in metal. Third place went to the Festool with 26-points. The Festool came in first for accuracy, second in ergonomics, and third in features rankings. Festool has the best blade clamp of the top three contenders and is a top-tier, easy-to-use, and intuitive saw.

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Woodworking News Source: A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

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