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bott Smartvan Van Racking System

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Bott SMARTVAN Van Racks and Storage Solutions

Bott Smartvan is a German company that is coming to the US market. They design and manufacture a wide range of storage and mobile working options including shelving, integrated and removable drawers, removable boxes, and cases by Systainer, lockable cabinets, tie-downs, tool clips, and work benches, and vice options.

They also have a raised load-bearing floor system that comes in half and full configurations, but it’s not available in the U.S. yet.

Bott Smartvan Van Racking | Design and Installation

We worked with the bott Smartvan folks to create a customized rack system for my van. When I say customized, I’m talking about a complete tool storage and organization system that includes shelves, drawers, and Systainer toolboxes. We used their online configurator to select our system and the folks at bott Smartvan reached out and confirmed our choices.

Five initial takeaways that attracted me to the bott Smartvan system were:

1. Custom Fitted to Your Van
2. DIY Install ready
3. Flexibility To Move Around
4. Sleek Looking – Matching toolbox [Systainer boxes], drawers, and Shelves
5. Crash Test Certified

Custom Fitted to Your Van

The bott Smartvan shelf rack system is a fully customizable storage system that comes with vehicle-specific mounting brackets. It is designed to be installed as a DIY project and doesn’t require drilling into the vehicle frame.

The bott Smartvan racking is comprised of a steel frame that uses vehicle-specific brackets and bolts that fit the van’s existing manufacturing fixing points, such as roll bars and structural ribs.

This no-drill fixing solution means you are causing zero damage to your vehicle. Once the frame is installed you simply mount the drawer or toolbox shelf rails into the frame at the different heights and depths within the frames in a configuration of your choice.

The shelving system is compatible with the Systainer storage system, but also has shelves that fit other manufacturer toolboxes if you choose to go that route.

DIY Install Ready

The bott Smartvan system is designed to follow the side profiles of your van giving you the extra central aisle load space.

Because it mounts to existing manufacturer points in the van [like the tie downs and structural rails, it is so much easier to install than a plywood shelf system or an after-market system that requires you to drill through the floor and through bolt.

In contrast, ply van racking is bulky and nonadjustable and therefore cannot be customized to fit the profiles of your van. As a result, it wastes a lot of valuable space in your van.

After-market systems often require drilling through bolts in the floor which eventually rusts through repeated exposure to the weather, rain, water, snow, and salt.

Flexibility To Move Around

The bott Smartvan bolt-in system means you can move components around easily, giving you flexibility and space to swap things around, as you change your mind on the shelf, drawer, or toolbox placement.

I found myself doing this after the first week of using the system. I placed many of the most used tools closer to the rear door so I could grab them without entering the van.

Sleek Looking – Matching Tool Kits and Shelves

The final product gets a verbal response of “wow” or “that’s clean looking,” compliment from everyone that sees my shelf system.

Crash Tested

The bott Smartvan has been crash tested to comply with EU ECE / R17 standards, maximizing driver and passenger safety.

Thoughts On the Bott Smartvan System

The system was easy to install and goes together like an erector set, for adults! Plus, I felt good knowing that the system was structurally designed by engineers and crash test rated.

One thing my guys and I noticed immediately was that we gained more center aisle space, in fact, I’m sure we more than doubled the space we had.

Another immediate benefit I noticed was that we have better rear door access into the van. My earlier configuration required me to open both doors to enter, now I can get in one door.

Bott Smartvan | Cost

The average cost starts around $4000 and goes up depending on what you purchase, remember this is a 100% custom and flexible system. You certainly get what you pay for.

After installing the system, myself, and using it for some time I find the bott Smartvan racking system to be a strong, durable, and flexible system. I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of the system that allows me to easily switch things around as I determine my workflow in the van.

I also like the smaller-sized, lighter boxes that have allowed me to focus on the efficiency of design and space. Most importantly I love that I now feel more organized.

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