May 27, 2022

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Bow Tie Inlay – How, Where, When, and Why

2 min read

Woodworking inlays, specifically these bow tie or “Dutchman” joints seem to get a wide range of questions. So this week I do a deep dive into how to make bow-tie joints/dutchman joints/butterfly keys. I also discuss when is a bow tie joint needed, when are you probably fine without a bow tie, what glue to use for inlays, what glue NOT to use, and everything else I could pack into 16 minutes of woodworking inlay fun.

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Items used in this video:
Miter saw:
Bandsaw blade:
Double side tape:
Marking knife (alternative):
Spiral router bit:
Plunge router (alternative I like better):
Butt chisels:
Wood glue:
Block plane:
Wood finish:
Buffing pad:
Camera lens:

0:00 Intro
0:35 Picking a layout
1:26 Cutting bow tie blanks
2:18 Cutting bow tie on a bandsaw
4:06 Wood marking knife basics
5:28 Plunge router, the best way
6:16 Inlay jig or CNC inlay?
7:16 Right mentality for woodworking
9:14 Wood dust trick
9:47 Chamfer the underside
10:50 Best glue for wood inlay
12:05 Flattening the Dutchman joint
13:27 When is a bow tie needed?
14:31 What glue not to use
15:46 Sneak peek at upcoming video
16:02 Troll of the week
Instagram: @blacktailstudio

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