November 30, 2022

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Building a Giant Trebuchet (A Jackman Documentary)

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Ever needed to throw a watermelon 200ft? Well, now you can!
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1. How much money did you really spend to build this?
We actually really spent the full $4k even though our plan was to fake it a little bit
2. How long did this take you to make?
Six days to build, a day to tweak, and a day to throw stuff
3. How long did you spend on the edit?
Fourish days and a couple days of tweaking, so call it a week
4. Is Zack really such a jerk?
Yes, when I get to edit the video he is!

This trebuchet was built entire just for our talk this year at WorkbenchCon entitled "Your Doing it Wrong". It was a class where we premiered this documentary and discussed how money shouldn’t be your focus in a creative pursuit. Further – don’t follow trends, do things for the right reason, provide a real value, etc. The typo in the title was entirely on purpose and intended to be ironic given the authoritative nature of it, that carried through to our outfits and signed motivational photos that everyone who attended our talk walked away with as our gift (your welcome). Trebuchet facts — the thing is 16′ tall when deployed, pretty massive for something that we built in a garage. Most impressive launches were a watermelon that went ~200ft and a grapefruit that went ~450ft.

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