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Building a Modular, Efficient and VERTICAL Workshop!

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Garage Workshop –
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Cantilevered Router Table
A router table is another staple of a woodworking shop that we wanted to incorporate.
Router tables can be purchased in benchtop variants, free-standing, and even incorporated into table saws.
To continue with the theme of modularity, we elected to build our own router table that would cantilever off of the workbenches and securely mate with the MFT holes of the table.
The heart of the router table is the Rockler Pro Router Lift. We used a 2’x4" piece of Phenolic Faced Birch Plywood for the structure and surface of the table.

In order to accommodate a Rockler Pro Router fence, an additional T-track needed to be mounted.
While a handheld router can be used for cutting the grooves for the track, given that the surface is just a sheet of plywood, we elected to cut the channels with a dado set on a table saw.
To mount the router table to the pair of workshop tables, 20mm holes were cut in the same pattern using the Parf Guide System.
With the holes lined up, a pair of TSO Power-Loc Bench Connector Dogs can securely mount the cantilever router table to the bench.
The Power-Loc Bench connectors are designed to insert through a pair of overlapping 3/4" thick material with 20mm holes. A locking lug on the bottom that it tightened via a 5mm hex driver.
Vertical Storage | Fleximounts Ceiling Lift
Both workbenches are designed to be as lightweight and modular as possible. The benches are supported by a pair of plywood sawhorses that are hinged together. These can be collapsed down and the benches and be stored upright for transportation or storage.
To fully maximize the space available, we wanted to take advantage of as much overhead space as possible.
Two sets of Fleximounts GL44B 4’x4′ lifts were installed above the garage bays.
Both workbenches had mounting hardware and turnbuckles attached to allow the lift system to raise and lower the benched overhead.
The light weight packable design makes this possible given the 300lb lifting capacity of the Fleximounts system.
Mobile Tools In The Workshop
The importance of the wheel can not be understated enough.
Weighing in at 220lbs, with a powerful 1.5HP motor but featuring a nice set of easy-lift caster wheels, the Table saw can be moved around easily as well as have enough power to cut through most stock.
Both Work benches in our shop have been put on wheeled carts made from plywood and some locking rise casters. The basic design for the kart can again be found through Ron Paulk’s website.
Some modification to consider that we made on our benches was to change the leg heigh and as a result the locking tab positions on the kart, so the table top would rest just a few millimeters below our table saw to function as an outfeed table when required.
Benchtop Tools
Some tools occupy the space between too small to have their own pedestals/wheel, and too large to mount on the wall. With the limited stationary benchtop space, we have tried to keep the number of benchtop tools to a minimum.
The two tools we wanted to start with are a sander and thickness planer.
The RIGID R4840 Oscillating Belt/Spindle Sander is a new model that builds off the widely successful 4424 model that has been around for years.

This garage space featured some long longitudinal beams separating the bays and providing the main support structure for the overhead joists. A floating shelving system consisting of plywood and suspended cable support from the overhead joists provides a substantial increase in usable storage space.
Modular Storage
Shop wall storage and layout is a topic deserving its own discussion and one that is bound to have many different ideas, opinions and preferences.

Anchoring one wall of the shop is a newly released PACKOUT Modular Shop Storage from Milwaukee.
Milwaukee’s PACKOUT line of storage solutions has been used in the field for years and has finally evolved to include a line designed to live on the wall of a shop or garage.
The PACKOUT Shop storage system uses a series of mounting plates that are designed to index together and provide a solid mounting grid for existing and new PACKOUT storage products.
Having the ability to quickly mount, dismount and reorganize the storage wall has been a great feature and addition to the shop space. For more details on the system check out our full review of the Milwaukee Shop Storage to see if this system is right for your space.
Wall Mounted Dust collection
To get us started in our shop we elected to incorporate the Dust Right Wall-Mount Dust Collector from Rockler.
This 1250 CFM unit has some serious power to plum a dust collection system across the entire garage. The system is designed to be mounted on the wall and uses 12Amp at 110V so it can be plugged into a stander wall outlet.

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Woodworking News Source: A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

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