September 26, 2022

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DIY Broken Wood Furniture Repair by Fixing Furniture

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Repairing a piece of furniture may seem intimidating, but with the right knowledge it’s a great DIY project to tackle. Learn step by step how to repair a broken piece of furniture.

I’m working on a piecrust table with very loose parts. There are a few broken pieces that need to be glued back together and the legs need to be re-glued. The first step is to label all the parts. Then I take it apart.

For a broken dowel, I drill a pilot hole and then drive in a screw. This allows me to use a hammer to pull out the dowel. For more advanced techniques to remove broken dowels see our video that shows that in detail

The next step is glue the broken parts back together. These pieces were saved by the customer, which was smart, because they can be glued back together again with PVA glue (aka carpenter’s glue or yellow glue). It’s important to spread the glue on both parts to ensure there’s enough glue. They also need to be clamped together to make sure the glue bonds properly.

While the glue dries on the broken parts, it’s time to clean the glue off the dowels in in the holes (called mortises). Cleaning off the glue is important as new glue won’t stick to old glue. Use 120 grit sandpaper to remove the glue on the dowels. Use a drill bit the same size as the holes to clean glue out of them – start by drilling backwards into the hole to get to the bottom, then drill forwards to clean out the hole.

Once all the old glue is cleaned off, it’s time to glue and clamp everything back together. I apply glue with an artist’s brush so I can get glue on the side walls of the holes and on the dowels. It’s a mistake to squeeze a bit of glue into the hole and hope for the best results. I use trigger clamps with pads on them as they’re the easiest to use for furniture repairs.

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Types of Wood Glue
How to Remove Broken Dowels

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00:00 DIY Broken Wood Furniture Repair
01:23 Label the Furniture Parts First
02:05 Take the Table Apart
04:02 Glue the Broken Parts Together
06:35 Remove Broken Dowel
09:11 Clean Off Old Glue
11:28 Glue Up the Table


See the tools we use in our workshop and the tools we recommend:
?? Canadian link –

This video is hosted by Scott Bennett, Owner of Wooden It Be Nice – Furniture Repair in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

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