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Failed Furniture Repairs – Learn Faster How to Fix Furniture | Woodworking Repair Levels

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Speed up your learning process by watching mistakes others have made. We show you failed furniture repairs to teach the proper way to repair furniture. Our videos are grouped into the following playlists so you can find videos at each skill level:
– Level 1 Woodworking Repair Playlist –
– Level 2 Woodworking Repair Playlist –
– Level 3 Woodworking Repair Playlist –
– Level 4 Woodworking Repair Playlist –

1:14 The first example is a chair with a broken stretcher. Unfortunately it was repaired wrong and the stretcher has to be replaced. This failed repair should have been a Level 2 Woodworking Repair but now it’s elevated to a Level 3 Woodworking Repair.

3:00 This same chair also has some nails holding the joints together. Disassembling and re-gluing furniture parts are a Level 1 Woodworking Repair. Unfortunately the failure in this repair has now created more damage as the loose parts have worn further and the nail holes need to be filled.

4:45 The second example is a chair from a previous video we published about a Bad Furniture Repair – We show the highlights of this failed chair repair and how we repaired it.

5:41 The third example of failed furniture repairs is a rocking chair where someone tried to repair broken pieces of wood by patching in new wood. While the shaping of the new wood was done well, the joint has a huge gap in it and it is loose. Cutting out sections of wood and patching in new pieces so they’re as invisible as possible is a difficult job. This failed repair shows how it should not be done.

7:03 The last failure example is a loose upholstered chair with a broken back on it. I purchased this from #HabitatForHumanity for a few dollars and it’s in very bad shape. The back needs to be repaired by cutting out the broken parts and replacing them with new wood. Someone tried to repair this before but failed to make it strong enough to last. This is an example of a Level 4 Woodworking Repair. Cutting out the wood is one challenge. The second challenge is fitting in replacement pieces. Then the new wood needs to be shaped to match the existing shape and then it needs to be finished in a way to match the existing chair finish. It’s a challenging project I hope to get to in the future.

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This video is hosted by Scott Bennett, Owner of Wooden It Be Nice – Furniture Repair in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

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