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Festool Tracksaw TS 55 FEQ

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Festool Track Saw TS 55 FEQ And Track

The Festool track saw TS 55 FEQ tracks saw was recently released and there is a lot of hype about it., so what’s new on this new track saw?

If you were thinking a more powerful brushless motor, updated electronics, or more torque, your wrong. The only thing different on this saw is that it uses a newer, thinner blade and riving knife that are both 1.8 mm

New Festool 1.8 mm Track Saw Blades

The new Festool track saw blades measure 1.8 mm, and the older track saws use 2.2 mm and sometimes 2.4mm.

Faster | Longer Lasting | Less Dust

So, what’s the big deal with this saw upgrade then? Well for one thing the 1.8mm thinner kerf design has alternating top bevel teeth that remove less wood waste which equates to a 50% faster cut and 25% less saw dust created.

According to Festool they’ve done a ton of cut tests, in Germany, and have found that these new blades will last 40% longer than the old track saw 2.2mm blades.

Festool track saw TS 55 FEQ | Cost

The Festool track saw TS 55 FEQ will sell for $599

There are 6 New Festool Track Saw Blades ADD COSTS here

1. Finish – 42 tooth finish cut blade $84.00
2. Panther Blade 12- tooth ripping blade $49.00
3. Universal Blade 28-tooth crosscut, and rip cut blade $63.00
4. Laminate [red colored] 52-tooth laminate blade $95.00
5. Aluminum [blue colored] 52-tooth non-ferrous and some plastics [Lexan] blade $95.00
6. Fiber Cement 42-tooth [poly crystalline diamond toot] for Hardie board and fiber cement. $145.00

Using the Festool Track Saw Blades

We performed a bunch of test cuts in the shop before taking this saw into the field and using it on projects.

When beveling at 22.5-degrees and 45-degrees we did not see any blade deflection in the cuts. The alternating top bevel teeth produced nice, smooth cut. Our analysis was that the saw feels like it cuts faster and is smother. The cuts were accurate and smooth.

Are The New Festool Blades Interchangeable?

The answer to whether the blades are interchangeable is yes and no. You cannot use the NEW blades on the older track saws. You can use the OLD blades on the new saw, but you cannot change the riving knife.

Changing the riving knife is an in-depth, complicated process and is often done wrong by end-users, resulting in a Festool service call. Trust me, it’s not worth the potential down time on the tool.

New Festool 55” and 75” Track and Angle Unit 577040

There are five things you need to know about the new tracks.

Track Cutouts

The tracks have slot cutouts and come with green adhesive tabs. These tabs are designed for one-time use and are excellent for sticking the tracks onto a door or wall without the need for clamps

Middle Track Cutout

The middle cutout on the track was designed to slide over and fit onto a systainer handle for storage or transport.

Countersink Holes

In the absence of the green adhesive tabs or if you want a more secure mount there are now counter sink holes for securing the track to surfaces.

New Track Connectors

The new track connectors have been completely re-designed with expansive joints. The joint connectors are labeled [#1 and #2] and they go into the bottom of the saw rail. The connectors align the rails perfectly and the #2 connector is the stiffener. A 3mm hex key is one of the 2-sided Allen key that is provided with the new guide rail set FS/2 set 577137] this 3mm key is now used to tighten the connectors. The old design used slotted screws; this new design eliminates that pain-point.

Track Deflector

The track deflector was re-designed and now spans the entire width and covers the track. The older design used to catch the cord; this new design eliminates that pain point.

New Track Angle Unit Model 577040

The angle unit replaces the old protractor style unit. This new unit attaches and sits perfectly at 90-degrees. The angle unit has degrees as a measurement and the angle unit extension 577041 uses metric.

The angle unit has two built in “Dogs” that attach to the unit for holding the track securely, 90-degrees against a bull nose or rounded edge.

There is a slot under the angle unit that still allows the use of track clamps.

Using the Track Angle Unit

We found the new angle unit super easy to use and mostly used it for getting a quick 90-degree cut on a door or board – the unit eliminates having to take and mark two measurements, now you just need one!

Woodworking News Source: A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

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