November 28, 2022

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Fine Tuning a Bench Plane

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Possibly the most satisfying – and certainly the most iconic – activities in all of woodworking is planning with a bench plane. Effortlessly cutting a paper-thin shaving from a wood surface makes you feel that you have arrived as a craftsman. But getting a plane in condition to make those effortless cuts requires careful, painstaking flattening, sharpening, and adjusting. This is what is called “tuning” a plane. Nick takes a deep dive into this essential procedure, not just showing you how to do it, but also explaining the why’s and wherefore’s.

01:23 Parts of a Bench Plane
03:41 How a Plane Works
05:25 Flatten the Sole
08:16 Flatten the Frog
09:33 Sharpen the Plane Iron
14:48 Fit the Chipbreaker to the Plane Iron
16:00 Adjust the Mouth Opening
17:45 Set the Depth of Cut and Lateral Position of the Iron
21:08 Wax and Buff

If you’d like to make the sharpening jig that Nick uses at 11:09, the plans are in his book, “Sharpening.” pages 28 and 29. You can purchase this book from the Workshop Companion store at:

And if you have an old Stanley bench plane, similar to what is shown in this video, and you’d like to know when it was made and something about Stanley’s history, we recommend the Hyperkitten web site:

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Woodworking News Source: Workshop Companion

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