November 28, 2022

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Harbor Freight 2HP Dust Collector Air Flow Measurements

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I’ve been asked several times about the air flow on my modified two-stage Harbor Freight dust collection system with a Thien baffle and Wynn Environmental filter, so I picked up an inexpensive anemometer to see if I can finally give an accurate answer. In this video, I measure several different parts of the system, and show how the meter is set up for each one. If I made any mistakes in the process, let me know in the comments and I’ll make the corrections here in the video description.

CORRECTIONS: At 2:05, I meant one square foot, not one cubic foot. You measure the square footage of the opening to measure how many cubic feet of air is passing through. Of course, I said this right before joking about my math skills, and then proceeded to add a graphic to the video that matched my spoken mistake. I also misspoke the decimal point a couple times, even though it was showing correctly on the meter (zero point seven one, instead of point zero seven one).

Central Machinery 2Hp Dust Collector:

You can buy Wynn filters at The current (2021) model number for the filter I put in my system is 35C222NANO. They also make a 35B222NANO, which is the same thing but with a removable top cap.

Proster Handheld Anemometer:
Rockler 4” x 4′ stretch hose:
Skywalker 14′ trampoline (for cardboard):

0:00 Introduction
1:26 Explaining the process
4:15 How to set up the anemometer
6:08 End of hose, dirty filter
6:49 Cleaning the filter
9:29 End of hose, clean filter
10:12 Y-splitter
11:13 Under the impeller
15:10 Cardboard duct

The old videos showing how I built the system are at this playlist:

This video is not sponsored. I paid for everything and used my own time. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission if you use the Amazon links to make a purchase.

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