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Hilti NURON 22-Volt Circular Saw SC 30WR-22 Review

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HILTI 22V Cordless Circular Saw SC 30WR-22

We took the HILTI 22V NURON 7-1/4” Circular Saw SC model # 30WR-22 in the field for a few months to evaluate it.
HILTI 22V NURON Circular Saw SC30WR-22 Specifications
• Max. Cut Depth at 90°: 2-5/8"
• Max. Cut Depth at 45°: 2”
• Max. Bevel: 50 °
• Blade diameter: 7.1/4
• Volts: 22
• Electric Brake: Yes
• Guide Rail Compatible: Yes
• Dust Collection: Rotating Dust Port
• Rafter Hook: Yes
• No Load Speed: 4,700 RPMS
• Weight: 8.30 lbs
• Bare Tool Price: $279.00
• Mfg Link: Hilti SC30WR-22
Hilti 22V Nuron Circular Saw| First Impression
As a bare tool, we noticed that the Hilti 22V Nuron Circular Saw SC 30WR-22 is larger and mid-range in weight for its class.
We also noticed that Hilti reengineered the Nuron batteries to be more durable including a new, robust fiberglass-reinforced housing and external shock-absorbing bumpers.
We also really liked the 360 rotating dust chute, with a large open tunnel at the top of the blade and while we did not connect this saw to a dust extractor we know that some of you do.
Another feature we noticed immediately was the depth of cut scale.
It’s large and easy to read with white numbers on a black background, indicating 1/4 inch depth od cut from zero to 2-5/8".
Setting the blade depth is easy with a large lever, but the thing that impressed me the most was how smooth the action was.
This saw has a Max. cut depth of 2” when set at 45°
When beveling, the Hilti positive stops were money, and the action on the bevel was smooth.
The positive stops at max bevel 45 and 22.5 degrees were easy to use, set, and understand. It also bevels to 50 degrees.
Its a super solid build, with easy-to-see bevel and scales.
A feature that many will be glad to hear is that this saw is track compatible with the purchase of a saw base plate and track, allowing you to use the circular saw to achieve super straight cuts.
Lastly, the Hilti 22V Nuron Circular Saw has a comfortable grip, a smooth rounded trigger with excellent action, and no pinch points.
Using The Saw in the field
We used this saw to frame a small barn for a client and there were two things that impressed me:
1. Faster Cuts:
2. Amazing Run Time
Faster Cuts
The Hilti 22V Nuron Circular Saws redesigned Nuron battery interface ensures higher performance by allowing a significantly higher power transfer, and it shows.
Everyone on the barn build was impressed with the speed of cut and power of the saw.
Comparing the older Hilti saw to this newer one, we’d estimate that it’s at least 3X faster, although we did not test for that.
We did not set out to determine runtime on the Nuron batteries but man was I wowed by how much work we got done with one battery.
Using the larger battery, the HILTI 22V Nuron Circular Saw lasted a week of constant cutting.
It cut all of the floor systems, walls, plywood, rafters and roof on our 200 sq. ft. barn before the battery needed changing.
Overall we were thoroughly impressed with the Hilti saws job site performance.
Hilti 22V Nuron | Cloud Connected | Fleet Management
Hilti built into the NURON batteries Fleet Management tool data can be used to reduce downtime and optimize tool cribs to boost customer productivity.
The HILTI 22V Nuron Circular Saw generates data which is then stored on the Nuron batteries and sent securely to the cloud during every charge without any operator interaction.
The data collected includes information such as tool usage, tool utilization, charging location, and battery state of health.
This information can then be used to alert individuals if action is needed immediately or …
can be accessed on-demand as required and is available on mobile and desktop via Hilti’s ON!Track software platform.
If there was one feature on this saw that we’d like to see improved, it’s the rafter hook.
Currently, the plastic hook is mounted on the top of the handle and swivels 180 degrees left or right.
The hook will allow hooking one single member 2x material and we often found it in the way of actuating the safety button prior to turning the saw on.
There is very little clearance to slip your thumb under the hook, especially for large-handed users.
There were several times when the hook was stowed by one user and the next had to rotate it out of the way to use the saw.
The Hilti circular saw sells currently as a bare tool for $279.00, and you can add the batteries you think you need.
We preferred to use the larger batteries with this saw; the B22-170 Nuron battery will run for approximately $174.00 and the B22-255 Nuron battery costs approximately $204.00.
Final Thoughts
As a company, Hilti has been slow to update its tools as evidenced by some of our past Head-to-Head tests.
This Hilti saw really impressed our crew.
It is well-balanced given its long length, has a super-solid build, was powerful and smooth cutting, and had nice features and adjustments.
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Woodworking News Source: A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

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