August 12, 2022

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How to Cut a DOVETAIL JOINT with Hand Tools | 8 Simple Steps

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Have you had trouble with your hand cut dovetails? Joshua teaches this simple and detailed 8 step method to his woodworking students, who see huge improvement with their dovetail joints! Here’s a list of tools he used to cut dovetails by hand:

* Cosman dovetail saw & crosscut saw:
* Chisel set:
* Brass wheel marking gauge:
* Dividers:
* 6-inch combination square:
* Coping saw:
* Marking knives:
* Vintage bevel square:
* Joiner’s Mallet: Shop-made

✪ Read the accompanying article on hand cut dovetails:

✪ Videos that Joshua mentioned:
* Dovetail Jig vs Hand Cut Dovetails:
* Hand Cut Dovetails with Frank Klausz:
* How to Square Rough Boards with Hand Tools:
* Laying out perfect dovetails:
* How to Use a Dovetail Saw Like a Pro:

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