December 8, 2022

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How to Whittle a Wolf – Step By Step Beginner Wood Carving Project

2 min read

Hey everybody! Guess who’s back? 😉

BeaverCraft is back with our weekly video showing you how to make a hand-carved Wolf figurine 🐺

What do you do when you need to learn how to do something? Find a tutorial video, of course! We try to create the most understandable and practical tutorials to inspire and guide you on your carving journey.

Watch our new step-by-step whittling guide, and you will see how to carve a simple little Wolf out of wood. If you were looking for a perfect carving project, you came to the right place. This Wolf pattern will be an excellent start for someone new to whittling. Everything you need is a couple of quality woodworking tools, a block of good wood, inspiration, and a desire to create ✨

Join our YouTube community, discover over 200 free how-to tutorials and start learning and improving your wood carving skills with BeaverCraft 🙌

We have plenty of free DIY whittling projects, creative wood craft ideas, and practical guides to creating your own beautiful handmade figures.
Just remember, if you want to have something unique and handcrafted, you can always try to do it yourself 😉👌

The tools we use in the video:
K6L/15 – Compact long bent gouge:
K9/10 – Compact straight rounded chisel:
C7 – Small Detail Wood Carving Knife:
K12/02 – Compact straight V-profile chisel:
C11 – Knife for Geometric Woodcarving:

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Woodworking Carving Source: BeaverCraft

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