December 1, 2022

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Like A Dad (Official Music Video)

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This was made to accompany my latest build video, watch that first
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\\ LYRICS \\
(Suge Day)
Hey, look at me, would you look at me
If I mow the lawn, does it feel right?
Cut off shorts on my farmers tan
Tube socks pulled up high, are they too white?

Look at me, would you look at me
If I split some wood, does it feel right?
Baseball cap, on a bad hairline
But my beard is full, kids say it’s tight.

I’m a dad right? Like a dad right?
Not a dad though? Have no kids though?
Got dad bod though?

(Lil’ P)
Look at me, would you look at me
If I fart loudly, do you feel fright?
More jean shorts, up above my knees
And a beer belly, at the grill right?

Look at me, would you look at me
Sit down with a grunt, may stay the night
Fat wallet, in my back pocket
Take a big long nap, it just feels right.

Not a dad though? Have no kids though? Got dad bod though?

Built for work, built for twerk

Yeah sittin down in my lavatory
Moments like this always transitory
Here alone is my territory
Need to be alone and be auditory
No kids for me, just reppin a dad bod
Young and childless it’s just a facade
Meet um’ in the store, I still give the nod
Relax on the dock? No I fish for cod
And to the fathers out there I am a God

Received a holiday gift, it’s good, not no necktie
Not wakin in the night for a situation or cry
Don’t share a meal with a mini-me, no I get the whole pie

I’m everything that they ain’t, And can’t be, And won’t be,
Wanna see me fall, I can’t go, i won’t leave
Comin from the cave with chimneys and low-Cs
Straight up to the barn with good views and spinnies

Look at us, would you look at us
Do a little dance, makes us unite?
Slip on boots, easy on the feet
Grass stains on them, we’re quite a sight.

We’re just dads right? Like just dads right?

Not a dad though. Have no kids though. Not a dad though

Just dad bods right? And dad vibes right? Just dad bods right?

Little P, Right? Suge Day, Right?

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\\ MUSIC \\
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