August 20, 2022

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Making A Doge Box For Dogecoins – Scroll Saw Marquetry

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Recently the cryptocurrency Dogecoin took a wild ride. It had been started as a joke in 2013, and managed to claw it’s way up to about $0.005 USD by January 1, 2021, when a sudden interest by social media and a few comments by celebrities pushed it up to around $0.69 in early May 2021. Since then, it has fallen to less than half of its peak price. But being a long-time dog lover, I am still rooting for it.

Dogecoin’s icon is a photo of Kabosu, a female Japanese Shiba Inu who was rescued from an animal shelter by kindergarten teacher Atsuko Satô. Kabosu’s picture was posted on the Internet in 2010 and inspired a series of popular memes in 2013 – the same year that software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer began to crypto-mint their currency. Kabosu’s image also spawned the growth of dogespeak, a form of fractured English that is used today to reveal the thoughts and emotions of dogs in memes and videos.

All of which makes it a perfect subject for a bit of classic marquetry, wouldn’t you agree? So…may I present the Dogebox, complete with dogemarquetry on the lid. Plus, there’s a secret compartment (and some secret dogemarquetry) beneath a false bottom where you can store your true valuables. But it doesn’t open the way most false bottoms do. Guaranteed to fool any burglar unless they have a really, really good nose. A dogenose, so to speak.

Dogebox plans are available at our store at . And if you’d like to polish your marquetry skills, see my book, "Using the Scroll Saw," at . The book even has plans for making your own scroll saw!

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#doge box #scroll saw #scroll saw marquetry #making a box #secret compartment

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