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Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt 18-Guage Brad Nailer NT1850DF

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Metabo HPT MultiVolt 18-Guage Brad Nailer NT1850DF Review

We recently tested the Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt 18-gauge brad nailer  Gauge Brad Nailer.  This new nailer is touted to be 30% more compact, and 31% lighter than the previous model. The NT1850DF is part of the expanding MultiVolt system 18-volt and 36-volt power tools from Metabo HPT.

The Metabo HPT Brad Nailer is equipped with brushless motor technology and powered by a Compact 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery.

It weighs 4.4lbs [bare tool] and is equipped with an Air Spring Drive System that uses compressed air in a sealed cylinder to fire the nail.

Air Spring Drive System

The unit is filled at the factory to specified PSI with the piston in the lowered position. Once the tool is turned on, the brushless motor drives the piston so that it compresses the air into the cylinder.

When the trigger is actuated, compressed air is released, driving the piston down, resulting in the firing pin striking the nail at the same force as a pneumatic. Utilizing this sealed compressed results in zero ramp-up time.

Run-time and Capacity

The Metabo HPT brad nailer is capable of driving up to 1,650 brads per charge. The tools straight magazine holds 100 brads. This cordless brad nailer drives 5/8″ to 2″ brad nails and can fire at a 3 brad per second rate.

Note -= The tool will NOT lockout when empty, something I wish Metabo HPT had considered adding.

The Metabo HPT brad nailer features a low battery indicator, selective actuation, tool-less jam release, tool-less depth of drive, variable position belt hook, safety switch, and LED light. Selective actuation switch transitions between sequential mode and bump fire mode,

We liked the quick-clear nose with tool-less jam release for easy maintenance and reduced downtime. We installed approximately 1000 fasteners and did not encounter a single jamb when testing this nailer.

LED Light

The Metabo HPT has a bright spotlight that shines ONLY on the right side of the tool and completely misses the tool’s contact tip. The result is the work surface to the right side of the tool is illuminated but not the working tip of the tool.

Depth of Drive

Metabo HPT improved the depth of drive knob and attachment over the previous model.  The older model had a knob that if turned too many times would become disconnected. the newer model has a clip on the end to prevent this from happening – well done Metabo HPT.

Overall setting the depth of drive is easy, and very responsive. I was able to get noticeable results with quarter turns on the knob.

Power and Performance

We were able to successfully install brads in Oak, Mahogany, Pine, and Plywood boards with ease. We used the Metabo HPT brad nailer to install smaller trim parts as well as install tongue and groove beadboard.


The Metabo HPT tip once depressed, was very accurate in brad placement in the tongue and groove nailing. It was powerful enough to toenail into ALL of the materials we tested.

Contact Tip

The Metabo HPT contact tip will not fire if you press down, and back off the surface a bit, to readjust the nailer. To fire a brad nail you need to fully back off the contact tip to reset the safety and then depress to engage the brad nailer. This can be a pain when trying to dial in your brad placement, and you find yourself moving the nailer around, to get into that “sweet-spot” nailing position.

Line Of Sight

The line of sight on this nailer is good, the nailer has an arrow on its contact tip, indicating where the brad nail is coming from, and once identified, we were easily able to achieve perfect accuracy.

Power Switch

The Metabo HPT brad nailer has a hard-to-operate trigger “slide-lock.” The button is too small and difficult to access, I just don’t see people using it when you can simply take out the battery.


Metabo HPT took our advice on reducing the size/weight of this nailer, as well as, improving the depth of drive knob attachment.  The only thing I see now that could be improved is to add a dry fire lockout and relocate and improve the LED light.

The Metabo HPT brad nailer sells as a kit for $349.00, which includes the tool, charger, [1] 3.o Ah battery, and a tool bag.

The Metabo HPT brad nailer is new and improved with its reduced size and weight. It’s a solid nailer with impressive fastener penetration power and good accuracy. It has zero ramp-up time between fasteners allowing you can install brads smoothly and efficiently.

Woodworking News Source: A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

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