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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 6 ½” Plunge Track Saw PACKOUT 2831-21 Kit

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 6 ½” Plunge Track Saw PACKOUT 2831-21 Kit
Check out our HEad-2-Head on track saws:

Last week they announced the long-awaited M18 FUEL 6 ½” Plunge Track Saw.

There’s no denying that Milwaukee has been late to the game with carpentry tools, but they usually don’t disappoint, and that’s the case with his track saw.

I used this track saw to cut 2” Walnut at the Milwaukee 2022 Pipeline event and here are my takeaways:


The single battery M18 Track Saw certainly had the power to rip solid hardwood. I cut 2” walnut with the VS setting on high and on the 4 setting to see if could make the cut. I did!

The saw easily cut the Walnut, but the quality of cut was not great, and that we due to the general-purpose blade they had on the saw for the demo. I would be using a fine finish blade for Walnut.

Plunge Action and Adjustments

I really liked the plunge mechanism on this saw, the action is smooth and tight.

The adjustments on the saw, such as the track tension, anti-tip, depth, and bevel, seem well designed, and durable and I found them intuitive and easy to use.


As a kit, this saw comes in a PACKOUT XL case with a Dust Bag, HIGH OUTPUT XC 6.0 Battery, and a Multi-Voltage Rapid Charger.

This 9.9lb track saw has a variable speed of 2,500 – 5,600 RPMs, a 20 mm arbor size, and can bevel from -1 to 48° with a cutting capacity of 2-¼" at 90 degrees.

Dust Collection

Milwaukee claims 90% dust collection and they’re probably right.

The saw I demos was connected to an M18 vacuum, my impression was that the dust collection was good but not great, there was a lot of visible dust coming from the saw as I cut.


The Milwaukee track is nice, its robustly made and seems durable. It’s also compatible with the Makita and Festool saws.

The three guide rails for the track saw come as 31”, 55”, and 108”, as well as, guide rail clamps and connectors, plus they offer a sweet guide rail bag.


Milwaukee also is releasing five 6-1/2” blades for the track saw, after all, it’s the blade that makes the cut, right?

These thin kerf blades have an anti-friction coating that resists corrosion and gumming, and the laser cut technology reduces wobbling and warping.

The teeth have cobalt-infused tungsten carbide, which has been engineered to extend the blade’s life and maintain tip sharpness

1. 24T General Purpose Track Saw Blade 48-40-0624
2. 40T Finish Track Saw Blade 48-40-0625
3. 48T Fine Finish Track Saw Blade 48-40-0627
4. 4T Fiber Cement Track Saw Blade 48-40-0670
5. 52T Laminate Track Saw Blade 48-40-0643


The track saw will sell as a kit in a PACKOUT for $599 and be available in October

Closing Thoughts

Milwaukee has demonstrated that they are committed to building out the carpentry trade tools by improving productivity by providing performance driven and trade-focused solutions. They’re doing it on their M18 battery platform, which I like.

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Woodworking News Source: A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

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