August 20, 2022

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Milwaukee NEW TOOLS for 2022

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M12 – New Generation 3 Release
The M12 FUEL ½" subcompact drill, ½” hammer drill and ¼” impact driver was updated to Gen 3. They all got a little smaller, faster, and safer.
The hammer drill and drill are now only 5.9" in length, with an all-metal 1/2" chuck, mechanical clutch, and all-metal gearcase and ½” chuck design.
This drill has now provided 30% more power than the Gen 2 drill.
The hammer drill has speeds 33% faster and has improved thermal motor capabilities.

The M12 ¼” Hex Impact Driver is now faster and beats out many 18-volt tools. It too has increased thermal capability.

It measures 5.0” and the best improvement in my opinion is the tri-led lighting that provides greater visibility and reduces shadows for those of us that visit dark places!

While I keep these tools in my shop because I love the size, the truth is that they are capable to do probably 90% of my drilling and fastening on the jobsite as well. They are truly impressive 12-volt tools.

The drill and impact will be selling for $169 and the hammer drill $179, all three will be available late August 2022.

M18- New Generation 4 Release
I know it’s hard to believe that these drills have been out since Gen 1 in 2012.
Gen 2 in 2015 and Gen 3 was 2018.

I’m still using my Gen 2 drill and impact, that’s a good run for any cordless tool!

M18 FUEL™ ½” Hammer Drill/Driver

The M18 hammer drill delivers 30% more power under load to complete holes in dense woods for fast drilling.
It also has increased thermal motor capability and has a compact design measuring only 6.9” in length. It has an all-metal ratcheting chuck and better corrosion resistance.

The Auto stop Control Mode offers enhanced safety for the operator by preventing over-rotation in a bind-up with a super-fast best reaction time.
My takeaway with this is that the tool will stop itself from spinning and locking up your wrist joint and causing damage, where other tools will stop but not before over rotating.

Weighing only 3.3 lbs. The hammer drill now has 1400 in-lbs. of torque, an improved variable speed trigger with two RPM settings of 0-500 and 0-2100

The hammer drill will sell for $309 in late August 2022.

M18 FUEL™ ¼" Hex Impact Driver
The M18 impact saw a slight size and weight decrease – probably – 1/8” size reduction, its already a small impact and gets into tight spaces. It now measures 4.47” in length.
The impacts peak power is same, but they increased RPMs for faster fastening, and now are seeing 3900 rpm vs 3600 rpm.
The impact now has improved, and enhanced trigger control which is a great feature.
The impact driver delivers ultimate trigger and 4-mode drive control over output speed and power to provide smooth acceleration, preventing the stripping of screws or damaging of materials.
Self-Tapping Screw Mode is designed to reduce walking when starting self-tapping screws as well as reduce overdriving, breaking, and stripping out screws.
This new impact driver also features Tri-LED lighting, illuminating the area of work while eliminating shadows.
The best upgrade on the impact is the tri-led headlight upgrade. DeWalt’s been doing it for some time and I’m glad Milwaukee added it.
This impact driver will sell for $299 in late August 2022.
New High Output Batteries
New M12 battery packs, which are being referred to as “Resistant Batteries,” now deliver 25% more power and runs 25% cooler in a lighter and more compact package.
The battery is built with resistant housing to deliver increased protection against exposure to common oils, greases, and solvents found in automotive and manufacturing environments.
These batteries are fully compatible with all tools and chargers. An XC5.0 “RESISTANT BATTERY” will cost you $169.00

The M12 FUEL Orbital Detail Sander is a dedicated detail sander. It has an orbital sanding motion and 1.5mm orbit diameter.
The pad shape provides sharp, straight edges for access into confined corners. The sander weighs in at only 1.3lbs and an internal counterweight mechanism minimizes vibration.
The detailing sander features a variable speed trigger with a lock-on button and four speed modes. Plus, its small and will fit in your tool belt!
Milwaukee will also be selling their own Mesh Sanding Sheets for the M12 sander, at a cost of 12.99.

M18 FUEL 3"X18" BELT SANDER $279.00
The 3"x18" Belt Sander was cool. It generates the power and torque of an 8A corded belt sander and removes material fast.
An internal fan or wheel helps collects over 80% of dust. The dust collection system paired with Milwaukee’s durable dust bag or universal hose adapter
A variable speed dial with 5-settings, users can choose from 1350 to 750 SFM [Surface-Feet Per-Minute] This tool weighs 7.5 lbs.
One cool feature is the adjustable front handle, which allows for flush sanding against the front of the sander and offers a more compact size for storage.

Woodworking News Source: A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz

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