December 1, 2022

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Mini Mortising Jig for LOOSE TENON Joinery! No Domino required! You can even use your trim router!

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Router Edge Guide video –

As mentioned in the video, I did not come up with the final design for this jig, Mike from TayTools did! If you like the jig and want to support his awesome idea, consider purchasing the parts through his website below!
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Dovetail Track Nuts:
Microjig MATCHFIT™ Dovetail Nut Track Hardware (4-Pack)

Dovetail Track Hardware with Knobs:
Microjig MATCHFIT™ 1.5" Dovetail Track Hardware (4-Pack)

12" Threaded Rod:
10-32 x 12" Long Threaded Rod

Thread Locker:
Bob Smith Industries IC-LOC™ Red Thread Locker CA Glue .34 oz

1" Long 1/4-20 Flat Head Machine Screws:

1/4-20 Knobs:
1/4-20 Tri-Lobe Thumb Nuts / Knobs Female Thread with Through Hole

Dovetail Clamps:
Microjig DVC-538K2 Matchfit Dovetail Clamps Set of 2

Threaded Inserts (for optional attachment):
E-Z Knife Solid Brass Threaded Inserts

Knobs with Stud (for optional attachment):
Lot 10 each 2" Star Knobs Male Threads 2" Threaded Stud

More Affordable Knobs with Studs:
Rosette Thumbscrew Knobs with 1/4-20 Threads 1-1/2" Long Alloy Steel Stud


Trim Router:

Guide Bushing Adapter:

Short Shank 5/8 Guide Bushing (The short shank is key here…):

Metric Upcut Spiral Router Bits:
Metric M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) Upcut Two Flute Spiral Router Bits

Pre-made Loose Tenons:

Imperial Upcut Bits if you want to make your own Loose Tenons:
Solid Carbide Upcut Two Flute Spiral Router Bits

Brass Set Up Bars:
5 Piece Solid Brass Set Up Bar Gauge Block Set


Dovetail Bit from Microjig:
Microjig MB-050-0514 Matchfit Clamp 1/2" Diameter 14 Degree Router Bit

Middle of the Road Dovetail Bit (1/4" Shank):
CMT Dovetail Router Bits Carbide Tipped

Most Affordable Dovetail Bit:
1/2" Carbide Tipped Dovetail Router Bit 14 Degree

Awesome Brad Point Bits:
Fisch Imperial Brad Point Drill Bits Chrome Vandium Steel Double Flute-Individual Bits

Countersink Bit (seriously the best one I have ever used):
Viking Drill Single Flute Pilotless Chatterproof Deburring Countersink Tool 3/16"-17/32'

Marking Knife:
Mikov Thin Blade Dual Bevel Marking Knife 0.060" Thick Blade with Finger Indents Rosewood Handle

Wheel Marking Guage:
Solid Brass Easy Read Wheel Marking Cutting Gauge with 2 Extra Cutters

Absolute Digital Caliper 6" (150mm)

Center Finding Ruler:
iGaging 4R Bevel Center Finding Rulers

Push Blocks:



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Shotgun Mic:

Lav Mic:

Voiceover Mic:



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0:00 Intro
0:55 What is a Guide Bushing?
2:07 Making the Platform PART 1
5:38 Making the Fence
7:53 Making the Platform PART 2
9:49 Final Steps on the Fence
11:10 Thanks Hello Fresh!
12:51 Optional Attachment
13:33 Ready to Assemble!
14:14 Setting the OFFSET
15:58 Setting the WIDTH
18:29 Setting the DEPTH
19:35 How to use it!
23:51 Outro

Links above are affiliate links, I make a small commission if you click on them at no extra cost to you. clicking on them really helps me continue to make more projects 🙂

Woodworking News Source: 3x3Custom – Tamar

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