September 26, 2022

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My five-year-old planer died… but I fixed it and improved it.

2 min read

Whether you’re a hobby woodworker or a professional, unexpected tool outages can ruin your day. I tried to sneak in a little workshop time and was disappointed to find that my planer wouldn’t start. After a little troubleshooting and a normal manly amount of crying, I was able to narrow down the problem, and also determine the root cause of the problem.

By the end of the video, you’ll know how to fix the same issue in your DW735 DeWalt thickness planer, understand why it happened, and be able to modify your planer so it never happens again. You might even find yourself entertained in the process.

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I also have an Instagram page where I post pictures of things I build:

This is the switch:

These are some of the tools and accessories shown in the video:
Klein voltage tester:
Vinyl electrical tape:
DW735X Planer (with tables and extra knives):
DW735 Planer (without extension tables):
DW7351 Extension Tables:

Process: I filmed using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone at 4K 60 FPS, and for certain parts, 8K at 24fps. The audio was mostly recorded using a Rode Wireless Go with a Rode lavalier microphone. The video editing was done with CyberLink PowerDirector 20 (365). The computer is a Dell XPS 8930 with a 6-core i7 8700, 32 Gb or RAM, and a GeoForce GTX 1070, and it sounded like an airplane taking off while it was processing 43 Gb of raw footage into the 6 Gb finished product.

This video is not sponsored. I paid for everything and used my own time. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission if you use these links to make a purchase.

Woodworking News Source: The Snekker Show

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