August 16, 2022

Woody Woodworking

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Patterned Plywood Axe and Knife Handles

2 min read

Thanks Ariat for sponsoring this video! Save 10% off your first Ariat order – My favorite Ariat gear –
This week I made on a pair of knife scales and remade a vintage boy scout hatchet handle. The axe was made by Bridgeport in the late 40’s, and I found it on eBay for $40. The scales are made from "Dragon-scale" Patterned Plywood with brass rivets. This video was inspired by view comments, so if you have projects you’d like to see me make next leave a comment below!

Keith Decent’s Hatchet Restoration

Thank you to Rockler for sponsoring this video!
Rockler Products featured:
Folding Lockback Knife Hardware Kit
Small Folding Lockback Knife Hardware Kit
Rockler Silicone Project Mat, 15” x 30”
Rockler 3-Piece Silicone Glue Application Kit
Rockler Push Blocks
Dyed Wood Veneers

Affiliate links to all the tools used in this video
Total Boat 4-minute Epoxy
ISOtunes Pro 2.0 Noise-Cancelling Ear Buds
Milwaukee M18 FuelCordless Angle Grinder
Armour Tools Auto Adjusting Clamps
Dasco Pro Pin Punch
Milwaukee M18 Drill and Driver
Brass wire wheel kit for a drill/drill press
Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence
Jet 14” Bandsaw
Starbond CA Glue
Deft Clear Lacquer Spray
Tormek T8 Sharpening system

Table Saw Blades I use (affiliate links)
Note because I have a 3 hp saw I use “ industrial” 1/8” kerf blades. If you have a lower power saw you’ll want to use "Thin Kerf" Blades.

Favorite all around table saw Blade

Cutting splines, crosscutting, and general usage | Freud 10” x 50T Combo Blade
Thin Kerf

Ripping and milling | 10” x 30T Glue Line Ripping Blade
Thin Kerf

Plywood | 10” x 80T Freud Ultimate Plywood Blade
Thin Kerf

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Woodworking News Source: Michael Alm

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