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Quarantine DIY Glasses Repair Learning on YouTube How to Fix Semi-Rimless Glasses

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With optical stores closed due to the pandemic and the need of social distancing, I couldn’t get my broken glasses fixed. I decided to test out the power of learning from YouTube videos to repair my glasses. I teach people how to repair furniture on my YouTube channel, but in this video, I flip the tables and I show me as a student on YouTube to learn how to fix my glasses. My hope is that this will help others repair their glasses at a time like this, but also demonstrate how you can watch a YouTube video, get some supplies, and be successful at what you’re trying to learn. Just remember, failure is part of the learning process and keep trying!

Eye Talk channel video with Kim Snyder – https://youtu.be/nYt8irROsug
25 Pound Test Fishing Line – https://amzn.to/3d86UNR
Stop Slipping Glasses with the Nerdwax product (seen on Shark Tank) – https://amzn.to/3bWoX9z
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About a week ago, the lens fell out of my semi-frameless glasses frame. I immediately called the optical store where I bought them, and they were closed due to the state of emergency we’re under in Ontario (April 2020) for the COVID-19 pandemic. All non-essential businesses are closed. So I taped my lens in the frame so I could see properly again.

I quickly got frustrated with my peripheral vision being blurred by the tape, so I thought “I can repair furniture, I wonder how hard it would be to repair my eye glasses?” I looked up how to repair glasses with a lens that popped out. I watched one video that was sort of helpful, but didn’t give me confidence to start the repair. Then I watched a video from the “eye talk” YouTube channel and Kim Snyder walked through enough information that I wanted to try this repair.

After a little more research, I found out I needed 25 pound test monofilament fishing line (25 pound test refers to the thickness of the fishing line). I couldn’t just go out and buy it because the stores were closed so I found a spool on Amazon and ordered it. I patiently waited… well, not really… I was getting annoyed with my broken glasses. I was excited when the fishing line arrived on the doorstep – time go get into the workshop!

I filmed this repair for two reasons. One was to show the YouTube “student” experience of trying to do something new after watching a few videos. I teach woodworking, furniture repair, and home improvement skills on my two YouTube Channels – Fixing Furniture and Home Improvement Woodworking. I’m the teacher, sharing as much meaningful information as possible to help viewers be successful with their projects. I need to focus on sharing not only how to do something, but why, and film it in a way that makes sense to the viewers. I wanted to show in real time, how I handled tackling something I’ve never done before.

I also made this video to help others who want to repair their glasses but might be too intimidated by watching a professional repair glasses. I hope this helps at least one other person fix their glasses who may be in quarantine, where they’re not able to get to a store to fix them. Who knows, maybe this video will be so helpful, people will do these repairs by themselves going forward… ok, maybe that’s too optimistic. Please let me know if you were successful in repairing your semi-rimless glasses – that will make my day!

Thanks for watching. Scott

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