August 12, 2022

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Replace a circuit breaker, learn how it works, and overload the old one

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This video is all about having some fun while learning stuff. Learn how thermal circuit breakers work, then see how to bypass the thermal breaker in a space heater, then see how to replace the breaker in this thickness planer, then watch me take apart the old breaker, and finally see what happens when I overload the disassembled breaker with almost 40 amps.

The thickness-planer circuit breaker can become increasingly sensitive to heavy workloads after tripping several times, and replacing the breaker is the best option at that point. This is an easy procedure that can be completed in ten minutes with some basic tools and an inexpensive part. Save yourself some money and two trips to the service center and do it yourself.

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Key items featured in the video:
Circuit Breaker Part 5140000-19:
DW735X Planer (with tables and extra knives):
DW735 Planer (without extension tables):
Klein CL800 clamp meter:

This video is not sponsored. I paid for everything and used my own time. As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small commission if you use these links to make a purchase.

00:00 Introduction
01:48 Thermal breakers and bi-metal strips
03:22 Space heater safety switch
05:02 How to replace a DW735 circuit breaker
11:25 Disassembling the DW735 circuit breaker
14:20 First look inside the breaker
19:08 Overload test introduction
21:11 Inside view of a breaker trip
23:57 Gratuitous slow motion
24:27 What’s next on The Snekker Show?

You might have noticed that there are no ads in the middle of my videos. I have the option to turn that off, so I turn it off to let you watch the video uninterrupted.

Woodworking News Source: The Snekker Show

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