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Replacing Broken Furniture Parts on a Glider Rocker – Level 3 Woodworking Repair / Restoration

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Learn how to replace broken furniture parts for furniture restoration in this Level 3 woodworking repair. See how to match the wood, shape, function, and stain to repair furniture.

The first step is to determine which parts are broken. By inspecting this glider rocker, I was able to figure out there were three parts that needed to be made to replace the broken parts.

The next step is choosing the right wood to make the replacement parts with. This is difficult until you get experience working with different types of wood. I show you how to compare colour, density, and grain patterns to find the best match for your repair. Using the same type of wood is the first step in matching the color of the new parts to the broken furniture parts.

Once you’ve chosen the wood to use, it’s time to cut out the new parts. I use a miter saw and a table saw to cut and rip the parts to size. I then work on the detailing. The top of these parts needed a gentle curve, so that was easy to do on the disk sander. The longer part needed a rabbit cut into it, so I used a tenon jig on my table saw to cut that out.

I then drilled out the recessed pockets with a drill press and Forstner bits, which create flat bottomed holes. I use a fence and stop block on the drill press to make exact copies of the broken parts.

I sanded down all the parts and moved on to the finishing steps. I use water-based stains in a process I was taught by a professional finisher. I applied some stains to a test piece in several stages to figure out how to get a color match on the new parts. It takes a few steps followed my a coat of water-based polyurethane to see how the color turns out. Once I found the right formula, I stained and finished the new parts.

Reassembling the glider rocker was a bit tricky but once I figured out the right sequence of steps, I pre-drilled some holes for screws and installed the bearings. Then I assembled the parts with the washers and nuts before adding the last cross support.

The end result is a working glider rocker that looks as if it’s never been repaired.

Cat Bowl Holder –
Dust Collection Fundamentals –


Respirator (NIOSH approved) –
?? Canadian link –
Forstner bits for drilling flat bottom holes –
Calliper –
Water-Based Wood Stain by Saman –

Topics in this video:
00:00 Replacing Broken Furniture Parts on a Glider Rocker – a Level 3 Woodworking Repair
01:22 Determine the furniture parts to replace
02:53 How to match wood for the broken parts
09:27 Cutting new furniture parts to size
10:17 How to shape furniture parts
10:53 How to cutting joinery (lap joint)
12:14 How to drill pockets for bearings and bolts
16:20 How to match stain for replacement furniture parts
21:54 How to prevent end grain from absorbing too much stain
23:18 Applying water-based stain
26:06 Applying water-based polyurethane
27:51 Comparing the new replacement parts with the broken furniture parts
28:07 How to reassemble the glider rocker
31:32 Repaired glider rocker, working again

See the tools we use in our workshop and the tools we recommend:
?? Canadian link –

This video is hosted by Scott Bennett, Owner of Wooden It Be Nice – Furniture Repair in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

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