July 2, 2022

Woody Woodworking

and its tools

Shop Tour! Inside My New Commercial Shop

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Big thank you to Grizzly and iFixit for for sponsoring this video! Grizzly is offering you 10% off of this whole family of tools below with the discount code: APRIL10. Visit Grizzly’s website here: https://bit.ly/3qQsQV5. If you want to get your own iFixit kit, you can buy one during their Holiday sale, just head to iFixit.com/aprilwilkerson to see all of iFixit’s awesome tools.

Grizzly Tools In This Video:
Grizzly 16" Jointer: https://bit.ly/3m9bhMs
Grizzly 24" Planer: https://bit.ly/3nnpnvn
Grizzly 14" Sliding Table Saw: https://bit.ly/2Kj4ySN
Grizzly 10HP Cyclone Dust Collector: https://bit.ly/3a1qpsV
Grizzly 17" Bandsaw: https://bit.ly/3qQeqEo
Grizzly 24" Bandsaw: https://bit.ly/341rrkI
Grizzly Disc Sander: https://bit.ly/3nb2wD0
Grizzly Oscillating Edge Sander: https://bit.ly/3m95Op3
Grizzly 34" Floor Drill Press: https://bit.ly/3a3U8S2
Grizzly Hanging Air Filter: https://bit.ly/376QK6W
Grizzly Wide Belt Sander: https://bit.ly/3gD6DVM

Intro Video to The Wood Shed: https://youtu.be/l3Rm8avK6kM
10′ Wooden Wood Shed Sign: https://youtu.be/4XW76DMf6ok
Remodeling The Wood Shed: https://youtu.be/hi1-vDjtDPQ
Floating Deck Build: https://youtu.be/dLd24tLevBM
The Wood Shed Fence Build: https://youtu.be/I4GQCsSL9tU
Curved Stairs Build: https://youtu.be/BcKryyH2Eow
12′ Wall Tree Rings: https://youtu.be/OqfgAv1xk5c

Pick up a Wood Shed T-Shirt here! https://wilkerdos.com/product/hill-country-wood-shed-t-shirt/
Check out all of my Products for sale here: https://wilkerdos.com/product-category/products/

Things I used in this video:
ISOtunes Ear Protection: http://bit.ly/2YuZBtr https://bit.ly/2Cf6OXP
Armor Mobile Workbench: http://bit.ly/2JL03ix
Smart Jars Organization System: https://bit.ly/3nH60gy
iFixit: https://bit.ly/37P78rV

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=257047
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wilker_dos
Website: https://www.wilkerdos.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wilkerdos

Want to support me? Support the companies that support me:
Triton Tools: http://bit.ly/2jaC0dD
ISOtunes: http://bit.ly/2YuZBtr
Rockler: http://bit.ly/2oWrisB
Armor Tool: http://bit.ly/2PjJuKJ

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