August 9, 2022

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Snowman Carving Tutorial – Wooden Christmas Decorations

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Hello, dear friend! Welcome back to our channel if you aren’t here for the first time and welcome to the community if you are. Today we’re going to talk about carving fairytale heroes. That’s always a great topic simply because a lot of us have children, grandchildren or neighbours’ kids that get pretty happy when they receive gifts. So today our beginner wood carving ideas intersect the gift ideas as well. This is a tutorial on Cipollino wood carving!

We love to do and you love to watch and repeat our wooden figures carving tutorial one by one. That is the greatest inspiration for us here in BeaverCraft to come up with new easy wood carving ideas. This time we’ve thought – why not make another great surprise for a kid? This could be the main character in a roleplaying game while you’re telling them a great goodnight story. This could be a nice toy for them to play, especially accompanied with a couple more heroes from the tale. Everything depends on you and what you wish to do!

Carving cartoon characters is never easy because you want to make them recognisable without changing the style of the cartoon itself. With the fairytale characters it can be like this too, but we hope this tutorial will be easy for you to follow to create Chipolino as we see him. Let’s forget about relief wood carving patterns for today and enjoy some fairytale carving!

The tools that we use in the video:
K1/10 – Compact straight flat chisel single bevel:
C2 – Wood Carving Bench Knife:
C6 – Chip Carving Knife:
K6L/15 – Compact long bent gouge:
K9/10 – Compact straight rounded chisel:
C3 – Small Sloyd Carving Knife:

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