July 2, 2022

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Staple Gun for Upholstery – Paslode US-100 Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler | Furniture Repair

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After being frustrated using my Arrow stapler for upholstery, I decided to try a pneumatic staple gun. The key difference is how the staples are driven into the furniture. My Arrow stapler uses a spring to create tension that is released to drive the staple. A pneumatic staple gun uses compressed air to hammer the staple into the wood.

I purchased a Paslode US-100 22-gauge pneumatic upholstery stapler at my local hardware store. I know Paslode as a quality brand name, which is important to me. I’ve purchased various lower quality tools in my earlier years and they’ve given me poor results and have broken prematurely. I also purchased a package of staples for the new staple gun.

Recently, my furniture repair work has involved repairing more pieces that have some upholstery on them. My expertise is repairing wood but when there’s upholstery over the part of a frame, it needs to be removed so I can do my work. Just to be clear, I’m not a reupholsterer.

When I opened the case, the first thing I noticed was that the staple gun didn’t have a dedicated resting spot – it just floated around in an empty case with the manual, oil, and allen key. That didn’t impress me as my other air tools (framing nailer, finish nailer, and brad nailer) all have a spot the nail gun sits as well as holders for nails, oil, and manuals. I did find a manual slot, but I had to fold the manual twice to get it in.

I made the mistake of loading in the staples wrong, but after reading the manual (which I should have done first… but was too excited!) I loaded the staples properly. I was in love with the first staple shot. The staple drove in all the way with a light pull of the trigger. It was wonderful.

I tried the staple gun on three of the hardest woods I use in my workshop; Cherry, Oak, and Maple. In all three, the stapler set the staple below the surface. I was impressed. No more struggles putting upholstery back in place after a repair. There’s such a difference between spring actuated and pneumatic staple guns. It’s well worth the $80 (Canadian) I spend on this pneumatic upholstery stapler!

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