August 9, 2022

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The 14 Rules of Epoxy Table Making

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These are not epoxy river table tips and tricks. These are the RULES for a DIY resin table. What is the difference? Tips and tricks make your table a little bit better or enable you to create a little easier. Epoxy table rules are the steps you need to follow to avoid catastrophe. All of these lessons I learned myself over the course of creating my last 60 or so resin tables. I hope my hard lessons can save you time and money, let me know if anything doesn’t make sense!

Premade epoxy table forms:
The epoxy I use:
Mold release:
My camera:
My camera lens:

Wood buying guide:

0:00 Intro
0:28 Rule 1, Resin Table Thickness
1:41 Rule 2, Seal or don’t seal edges?
3:44 Rule 3, Clamping
4:53 Rule 4, Bark removal
6:21 Rule 5, How to keep epoxy cool
8:43 Rule 6, Epoxy mold mistakes
10:35 Rule 7, Epoxy resin mold release
11:38 Rule 8, How long for epoxy to cure
13:10 Why tell everyone this stuff?
14:20 Rule 9, How thick can you pour epoxy
15:18 Rule 10, My first epoxy table experience
16:54 Rule 11, What wood can you use?
18:39 Rule 12, Which epoxy is best
19:07 Rule 13, How to properly mix epoxy
20:39 Troll of the week
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