September 26, 2022

Woody Woodworking

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The Tools of Scale Model Building

3 min read

Starting in a few days time, I will be commencing a multi-part, step by step build of Toys and Joys pattern #130, The New Excavator. This is a challenging build but if you are up for the challenge, hopefully this video will provide you with all the information you need to make your own version of this model. So on this week’s show, I thought I would show some of the little extra tools that I like to use while working on a scale model that makes the build a little easier. While these items are not necessary for a model build, that are definitely a great help.
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If you are interested in some of the tools that I showed today, you can find them at the following links.
Circle template.

INCRA T-rule

Engineer’s Protractor.

Workshop Protractor.

Sliding Bevel.

Digital protractor.


Hand Drill.

Small Egg Beater Drill.

Pin Vise and Bits.

Ruler Stop.

Sliding Square.

Shop Made Ruler Stop.

Digital Calipers.

Fret Saw.

Shop Made Mitre Box.

Thin Slot Mitre Box.

Razor Saw.

Ultra Thin Razor Saw.

Set-up Blocks.

Veritas Standard Block Plane.

Detail Hand Scraper.

1/16" diameter straight router bit.

Small Squares.

Surgical Tubing (for clamping).

Woodworking News Source: Acutabove Woodworking

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