September 26, 2022

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The video I wish I watched before installing a SHELIX

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This is my second time upgrading a DeWalt DW735 thickness planer with a SHELIX cutterhead, so instead of wondering how to do it, I was more interested in how I could do it better than the last time. There’s always room for improvement and usually more than one way to get the job done right, but I think this video is going to make the whole process go a little smoother for anyone doing this upgrade. It might even be fun to watch. If I come up with any significant changes or tips based on viewer comments, I’ll add it here in the video description.

If this is your second time watching this and you want to move through a little faster with less jibber jabber, the chapter markers are listed below and should appear in the video’s progress bar as well.

You can find pictures of some of the things I build on my Instagram page.

If you enjoyed the video and would like to see more high-quality production work, a few ways to keep the channel going include,

► Watch other videos on my channel. My next video project is often influenced by how many views, likes, dislikes, comments, and subscribers a video gets.
► Share the link with people who might enjoy it. If you post video links to Facebook or elsewhere, it still adds to my view count as long as you don’t download and repost the actual video.
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In case you’re wondering why I’m asking for additional support, here’s what went into making this video:

► The cost of the SHELIX head so I could do an installation video.
► Two months without the use of my planer, workbench, or most of my workshop.
► More than 115 GB of raw 4k and 8k video to make the 30 GB final product, – not including at least 200 GB of takes that didn’t get used.
► More than 40 hours of editing time.
► Video, photo, and audio editing software subscriptions.
► My computer is an aging Dell XPS 8930 with a 6-core i7 8700 processor, 32 Gb or RAM, and a GeoForce GTX 1070 video card, and it still took three hours to export the video with the processor running up to 100% and the fan going full speed. I had to export multiple times after reviewing the output and making adjustments.
► Two bags of Juan Valdez coffee beans. But seriously, if you’re a coffee fan, check out (not sponsored, not affiliate, just good coffee).

Stuff to get the job done:
▻ SHELIX: (not sponsored)
▻ Snap-ring pliers:
▻ Bearing puller kit:
▻ 6mm socket:
▻ 23mm socket (3/8" drive):
▻ 23mm socket (1/2" drive):
▻ 1/2" to 3/8" socket adapter:
▻ Hex key set:
▻ Torx Plus set:
▻ Simple green:
▻ Loctite:
▻ DW735X Planer (with tables and extra knives):
▻ DW735 Planer (without extension tables):
▻ Rockler 4” x 4′ stretch hose:
▻ Rockler threaded disconnect fitting:
▻ 4” black corrugated snap coupler:
▻ 4” hand-keyed hose clamps:

00:00 Tips before you begin
04:27 Cover removal
06:25 OEM cutterhead disassembly
10:24 Right-side disassembly
16:01 Left-side disassembly
21:41 OEM head removal
26:42 Prepare to install the SHELIX
31:58 Install the SHELIX
37:14 Left-side reassembly
39:24 Right-side reassembly
42:56 Function checks
45:35 Reinstall the inserts
50:11 Test cut and troubleshooting
56:33 Gratuitous planing

Congratulations on reading all the way to the bottom. Fun fact: One of my other SHELIX-related videos resulted in Byrd Tool Experts (a distributor of Byrd Tool Corp products) contacting me for an interview, which you can see here:

Woodworking News Source: The Snekker Show

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