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Werner GLIDESAFE Ladder

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Werner GLIDESAFE Extension Ladder Review

We recently started using the new Werner GLIDESAFE extension ladder. This new ladder is an easy-operating extension ladder with a breakthrough innovation: a patent-pending lift-assist technology that allows you to easily raise and lower the ladder’s fly section.

The Werner GLIDESAFE™ Extension Ladder provides approximately 50% assistance to raise the ladder in addition to speed-controlled lowering.

Designed for all professionals who use fiberglass extension ladders, from commercial construction to facilities maintenance, GLIDESAFE takes ease-of-use to the next level.

Werner GLIDESAFE Extension Ladder

Lift-Assist Technology

Werner’s patent-pending Lift-Assist Technology makes the GLIDESAFE the only extension ladder of its kind. The internal spring mechanism operates similar to a garage door system and is located at the top of the fly extension ladder. There are two black boxes that contain the springs.

As the ladder is lifted by an internal lift cable, releases spring tension and helps lift the extension ladder’s fly section with less effort required. When the fly section is lowered, it reloads tension on the spring, providing resistance that keeps the ladder’s fly section from slamming to the ground.

Updated Pull Rope

Werner upgraded the pull rope and added an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene rope, the same material used for lines on parachutes and in the marine industry. We found it super durable.

Additional Safety Features

The Werner GLIDESAFE extension ladder has a few features to help keep the ladder locked in place when it is not in use.

Built-in Auto-lock

The built-in auto-lock automatically engages when the extension ladder is fully collapsed. A yellow tab must be pressed to unlock the ladder and allow it to extend. Additional heavy-duty locks keep the GLIDESAFE secure and stable when it is extended during use.

Buckled Strap

An attached strap mounted to one of the ladder rungs secures around two rungs with a buckle to secure the ladder during transport

Dual-colored rails
The dual-colored rails are super visible for safety.

Six Sizes
The Werner GLIDESAFE extension ladder comes in six sizes ranging from 20 to 40 feet, each GLIDESAFE extension ladder is rated for a 300-pound load capacity.


The result of the Lift-Assist Technology is a pro-grade fiberglass extension ladder that slides up and down smoothly and with less effort, removing common aggravation commonly caused by free-moving fly sections.
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