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What’s the Difference in Resins?

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In the world of resins there is no shortage of choices. Even from one manufacturer you can have a handful of different options. So which one do you choose? In this video I take a look at the different resin options available from Alumilite.

The Amazing Clear Cast is best for 3/8" pours making it ideal for sign-making and tabletop/bar top coatings. It can be mixed 1:1 by volume, has a 45 minute open time, and cures over night. This is a great choice if you’re just dipping your toes into the resin world.

The Amazing Deep Pour cures slower, so it produces less heat, making it usable for pours up to 2" thick. That makes it a great choice for river tables and deep encapsulations. It’s also great for making pen blanks and handle blanks if you don’t have a pressure pot.

The Alumilite Clear (Slow) is a different type of resin and needs to be mixed by weight. It is crystal clear and polishes beautifully so it’s great for turnings. Pen blanks, handle blanks, pretty much whatever as long as you can stick it in a pressure pot.

As far as coloring resin there are even more options. Liquid dyes, powder pigments, glitter, all do different things and you really have to play with them to find what you like.

Check out all the Alumilite Resin stuff at your local Woodcraft store or online at:

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