August 20, 2022

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Why Repair, Replace, or Trash Broken Wood – Furniture Restoration Techniques

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It can be difficult to understand if broken wood should be repaired, replaced, or if the whole piece of furniture should be thrown in the trash. I demonstrate how to use judgement to decide how strong a broken piece of wood will be after a repair. It depends on how the wood is broken, what it’s used for in the furniture, and what type of glue you will use.

I show four examples of broken pieces of furniture to repair:
A broken chair back that I thought I would replace, but I ended up repairing the break
A broken chair leg that can’t be repaired, so the chair is trash
A broken chair leg with the wood splintered off, which I glued together
A broken chair leg with wood missing, where I patched in a new piece of wood

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00:00 Why Repair, Replace, or Trash Broken Wood – Furniture Restoration Techniques
00:46 Way to repair broken chair back
04:50 How to glue split wood
06:41 Using epoxy to repair broken wood
11:06 Why a chair leg can’t be repaired and will be thrown out in the trash
15:56 Can you identify this wood species?
17:42 How to reinforce broken wood with a spline
20:26 How to repair broken chair legs with insert nuts
21:38 How to patch in a new piece of wood
28:16 How to trim patched wood to match the existing profile
31:23 How to install insert nuts
32:19 How to trim and finish reinforcing spline repair
36:07 Using burn-in wood filler
36:45 Review of finished repairs


See the tools we use in our workshop and the tools we recommend:
?? Canadian link –

This video is hosted by Scott Bennett, Owner of Wooden It Be Nice – Furniture Repair in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

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