December 1, 2022

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You Janka My Chain! – TWW Live!

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00:00:45 – Welcome to TWW Live!
00:01:30 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:02:15 – New video today!

Things NOT To Do With Routers

00:04:05 – Is running a fan run over a project while the finish cures bad?
00:07:14 – Which Assassin’s Creed is your favorite?
00:07:45 – Any noticeable trends in the push for more content?
00:09:57 – Loved the interview with Steve Ramsey!

00:10:50 – Does your Powermatic bandsaw have a good dust collection?
00:12:32 – Does your glue test change your opinion on double vs single tenon?

End Grain Glue Myths | You May Have Misunderstood

00:14:42 – How can I resaw a board on the bandsaw and keep the best bookmatched boards?
00:16:33 – How can I protect my cast iron if I’m gone for 3 months?

00:18:30 – Does lacquer go bad over time?
00:20:57 – How can you figure out the angles when creating a domed top for a blanket chest?
00:22:43 – Do you loose strength when using a Domino vs a traditional mortise and tenon?
00:24:15 – What’s your opinion on a parallelogram jointer?
00:24:53 – Are there applications that I shouldn’t use Pacific Coast maple vs hard maple?
00:27:32 – Is the new workbench going to be a guild project?
00:29:20 – How do you sand small pieces?
00:30:22 – How much pressure do you use on the work piece when using the jointer?
00:32:50 – Should I let project pieces shipped to me acclimate to my climate first?
00:35:07 – How can I donate to Woodworkers Fighting Cancer?
00:39:23 – Do you prefer storing your lumber vertically or horizontally?
00:40:30 – What’s your favorite tool?
00:43:35 – Can benchtop bandsaws resaw lumber?
00:44:45 – Do you use a card or cabinet scraper more?

Classic Card Scraper

00:46:15 – Can I add a longer arbor to a table saw?
00:47:23 – Will you be going to WORKBENCHCON?
00:50:10 – Do you do any segmented woodturning?
00:50:50 – Do you have to sharpen the card scraper differently depending on applications?
00:52:07 – What Festool dust extractor do you have? Are you happy with it?

It’s time for our Woodworking Live Show! It’s an ever other week show that features myself, my wife Nicole, and 45 minutes of woodworking-focused topics and Q&A. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to share thoughts and ideas with our fellow woodworkers. So grab your favorite beverage and join us!

You will need a YouTube/Google account to participate in the chatroom.

Join us each week and be sure to subscribe and click the bell notification to get an email when we publish a new video or go live.

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